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by ChiaoGoo

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The incredibly popular Forte set is back!    THIS IS A PRE-ORDER.  We expect the sets to arrive in early 2024.

14 pairs of 5” (13cm) tips in sizes US2 – 15 (2.75mm – 10mm), including US2.5 (3mm)

US2 - 8 tips are made of stainless steel and carbon fiber

US9 - 15 tips are made of stainless steel and blackwood

Six silver, memory-free, multi-strand steel SWIV360 cables:

  • Two 14” (35cm) – one each [S] & [L] (to make 24”/60cm circulars)
  • Two 22” (55cm) – one each [S] & [L] (to make 32”/80cm circulars)
  • Two 30” (75cm) - one each [S] & [L] (to make 40”/100cm circulars) 

Three [S] red TWIST, memory-free, multi-strand steel cables (14"/35cm, 22"/55cm & 30"/75cm)


  • stainless steel scissors,
  • four end stoppers,
  • 20 stitch markers,
  • measuring tape,
  • two tightening keys,
  • four cable connectors,
  • one heart-shaped gripper,
  • two darning needles,
  • two [L] - [S] adapters,
  • a swatch/needle gauge,
  • and two safety pins

Elegant and functional REACH compliant man-made material case with a full zipper enclosure; double-sided removable needle board that firmly houses all tips; elastic that securely holds but gives easy access to accessories; as well as four pockets to hold the rest of your knitting supplies including a pattern or notes.