Have you met Anita Goodesign?  The company is unquestionably the top embroidery design company in the world and they are based just down Monroe Road from our shop.  (Who knew?)

We are so excited to announce that we will be partnering with them to offer their brand new class, AU102: Embroidery Made Easy II!  (No, you don't have to have taken AU101.)  

This class is perfect if you are intrigued by either sole-purpose embroidery machines such as the Janome 500e or sewing/embroidery machines such as the Janome Skyline9 or Janome MC15000!  If you're a quilter, you'll see how their free motion designs allow you to have an overall quilted design on your entire quilt while creating each individual block effortlessly in the hoop.  You'll also want to see how they’ve modernized the blanket stitch applique technique while still giving you the heirloom look. Cutwork and freestanding lace are some other popular embroidery techniques that will be included in this class too!


  • Lunch and snacks on both days
  • Binder and USB stick with all digital files and tutorials
  • Special event discounts on AnitaGoodesign and Janome products
  • Exclusive sneak-peaks on new designs and techniques
  • Terrific prizes
  • Two days of fun with your sewing tribe!

The cost is $99 for two days!  And, if you register by April 30, 2020, you'll receive all the files for the Chrysalis Project, pictured above!

Register now!