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Booker Pin
Booker Pin
Booker Pin

Baskets of Yarn

Booker Pin


Chala's buddy, Booker, enjoys a cookie while wearing his super warm scarf!  Booker is a real Shiba Inu.

He is a Tarheels fan, and can be relied on to cheer the basketball team, as long as pizza is provided.  He only wears clothing in real life because he has no thumbs, and can't take the items off.

He enjoys romping in the snow and napping.  His favorites noms are pizza, peanut butter, and expensive Italian shoes. 

Enamel pin 1.5"

US domestic shipping is free.  International shipping is roughly 13USD.

This exclusive pin was designed for us by Natelle Quek. For more gorgeous pins, check out her site: Natelle Draws Stuff.