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Sashiko Basics: 10/3 OR 10/12


Sashiko Basics: 10/3 OR 10/12



Thursday, 10/3 OR

Saturday, 10/12

11am to 1pm


We'll go over some basic information about sashiko, including history and uses, then jump into the project to maximize supervised practice time.  No sewing skills are needed, but it helps if you are already comfortable handling a needle and thread.

We want to make sure that you're fully equipped to jump into this rabbit hole, so the class fee includes everything you need, including a pre-printed design, thread, needles, thimble, and scissors. The design will be similar to the one pictured here.

Class fees are not refundable unless a time/date change is made by the instructor.  Your registration for this class is your agreement to these terms.