Hand Sewing Needle Sets

by Cohana

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Size: Thick Cloth

The needle is a valuable tool for hand sewing, and these lovely tools from Cohana set a high bar! The history of these needles extends over 430 years. Their distinctive feature is that they are ground vertically to reduce friction with the fabric. This additional step creates a delicate needle that is very comfortable for stitching.

This set comes in a capped paper tube tasseled with Kanagawa silk and gold thread.

There are two sizes from which to select:

  • Thick Cloth -- for stitching fabrics such as denim and canvas. The set contains 8 needles -- 2 or 3 each in 3 sizes.
  • Thin to Mid-Weight Cloth -- For sewing fabrics such as light cotton and silk crepe. The set contains 8 needles -- 2 each of 4 needle sizes.

Made for Cohana in Japan