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About Us

Our love of all things fiber is reflected in the carefully curated selection at Stash!  We showcase yarn from indie dyers and independent companies that are usually only found at fiber festivals.  We stock fabric from Liberty of London, Lecien, Cloud9, Tilda, and selected other quality brands. We love sharing the unique fibers, notions, and accessories that we find on our travels with our customers!   

Originally founded as Baskets of Yarn in 2003, the shop was renamed in 2019 to reflect the expanded offerings.  We've been in our current location, a re-purposed cottonseed sowing-machine factory, since 2011. 

Lucy:  Owner and instructor. Third owner (since 2016).  Knitting since the Johnson administration.  Also machine knits, embroiders, sews, quilts, crochets, smocks, weaves, and dabbles in macrame.  

Janis: Staff and instructor.  Half of indie-dyer Queen City Yarn, and podcaster.  Knits, sews, machine knits, cross stitches, and loves color.

Kelly:  Staff and instructor.  Knitting for decades, and master weaver candidate.  Also crochets, sews, smocks, and spins.

Diana:  Staff and instructor.  Knits, crochets, cross-stitches, but mostly, mom to our cutest model.

Alicia:  Staff.  Learned to knit in 2017 and has made gorgeous sweaters, socks, cowls.  She just learned to embroider.



We love a good puzzle! You are always welcome to drop in with a quick question about your project. We do ask that you schedule an appointment if the matter is complicated (please email us). First Aid cards are available for consultations that require more than 15 minutes.



Pattern alterations, project design, repairs, and lessons are available. Rates vary depending on the staff member and the service. Please email us with detailed information about your request!



Stephen started life as an Ikea Gestalta artist’s figure that Lucy had on a shelf in her craft room.  When he was relocated to the store to hold business cards in 2016, Janis decided he was cold and knitted him a sweater, knickers, and hats.  He needs long pants, but we’ve been busy.  

Chala is the Yarn Crawl Alpaca that has lived in the store for years.  She used to appear only during Yarn Crawl for the “Find the Alpaca” contest.  We decided that she was too cute to leave in the storeroom.  She is named after a coastal region in Peru.

Peabody is named after an actual lamb born in 2017 at Ross Farm where he was bottle fed and spent afternoons on Amy Ross' lap while she did her spinning.  Peabody's brother, Sherman, is equally adorable.

Booker, a Shiba Inu, is our shop puppy.  He only visits the shop during Christmas week.

Diva, our black cat, does not visit the shop, preferring to lounge in luxury at home where she disdainfully ignores her kitty roommate, Baxter.

Bunhilda is our bunny.  She is actually grey, but needed to be pink for the posters.  She identifies as an unicorn, so we don’t think she minds the color change.