Audiobooks are the perfect companion for needle crafts! Diving into the world of audiobook downloads feels like unlocking a secret library where stories come to life through your headphones. Thanks to a variety of sources, you can turn mundane tasks into exciting adventures or moments of self-discovery.

Platforms like Audible spoil you with a smorgasbord of titles, from gripping thrillers to heartwarming tales narrated by voices that feel like old friends. Public libraries, with their digital lending magic on apps like Hoopla and Libby, let you enjoy captivating stories for free. Both Apple and Google also have their own apps for audiobooks.  Spotify has recently added audiobooks as well. 

My favorite resource is Libby, followed by Hoopla. Both apps are readily available through your public library.  Each library accesses different collections, often in multiple languages  Some, like the Brooklyn Library has an extensive science fiction collection, along with hundreds of titles in Russian and Chinese. Charlotte's library collection is focused on romance and cozies. 

You're also not limited to just your local library.  Some public libraries all you to purchase a non-resident subscription, thereby expanding the collections.  Some libraries belong to a consortium that might permit you to obtain a digital download card for other library systems.