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A simple baby blanket

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A simple baby blanket

We often have knitters stopping in seeking a pattern for a basic baby blanket.  We walk them through the process, and usually lose them at the math part.  Everyone seems to be intimidated by math, but it truly isn’t difficult.  Here’s an easy baby blanket pattern that can be adapted to any gauge yarn!

  1. Take your yarn of choice, cast on 40 stitches, and knit 40 rows, using needles in a size recommended on the yarn label.
  2. Do you like the fabric? Is it so tight that it can double as a bullet proof vest?  If yes, go up a size and repeat the process.  Is it so loose that it flops around and looks more like lace?  If yes, go down a size and repeat the process.
  3. Once you’ve found a good yarn/needle size combination, count the number of stitches per inch in the resulting swatch and fill in the equation below.
  4. How wide do you want this blanket? Fill in the measurements below.

    _____   stitches per inch   *    _____   blanket width in inches =  #_____ stitches (A)

                    That’s how you calculate how many stitches are needed.

    1. Now, pick a stitch pattern. There are a multitude of stitch dictionaries in the local library, and you can find them on Pinterest as well.  How many stitches per repeat? 

    _______ (stitches from A)  / ____ per repeat =   _______ # repeats (B)

    If B is a whole number, you’re good to go!  That’s how many repeats you will have across the width of the blanket!

    If B has a remainder, then you have that many extra stitches that need to be either removed, or worked into the pattern.  (See more info in example below).



    8 stitches/inch x 20” = 160  stitches to cast on

    Pattern repeat = 6 stitches

    160 stitches / 6 stitches per repeat =   26 repeats with a remainder of 4 stitches

    Since 4 is closer to 6 than 0, increase the repeats to 27, or a total of 162 stitches.


    The resulting pattern:

    Cast on 162 stitches.

    Knit 27 repeats across of the selected stitch.

    Continue until the blanket is the desired length, bind off.

    Clean up the edges with a simple 3 stitch i-cord.