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This is the first in a series of occasional (very occasional) posts that we’ll be presenting on methods for fixing mistakes without frogging back to the error.  In this instance, the colorwork section hit our knitter at just the wrong place on the hips.  She wanted it longer. 

We located a row on the piece where cutting, then rejoining, would not be difficult.  We inserted a long circular needle through the stitches in the row above and another needle in the row below the cut row.  Then, we cut.

The result was two distinct pieces, with live stitches held on the circular needles.  We set aside the colorwork section.  Our knitter will work the solid section to the desired length, then we’ll kitchener the two pieces together. 

This method also works for adjusting length on sleeves!  To shorten a sleeve, place the stitches on the needles with more distance between the two needles.  The center section is then cut out, and the two pieces kitchenered together.