This week's pattern takes a little longer to knit, but the result is a beautiful, refined fabric that is a joy to wear, and garners compliments from everyone! The simple motif is easy to memorize, and easy to size up should you wish to use a heavier gauge yarn.

The sample is knit in Neighborhood Fiber Co's Rustic Fingering.  

To modify the scarf for a heavier weight yarn, use the smaller needle size recommended on the yarn bank.  Simply cast on 37 stitches in your preferred yarn and knit a swatch consisting of 5 seed stitches, 3 repeats across of the pattern, and 5 seed stitches. Continue until you've finished two full vertical repeats of the chart. If you want a 12" wide scarf, subtract the width of the 10 seed stitches, then divide that number by the width of the middle repeat.

Example for a 12" wide scarf:
Swatch results in 5 seed stitch = .5", so 10 seed stitch = 1"
That leaves 11" left for the motif.
If the motif measures 2" across
11/2 = 5.5 but you can't use half a motif
so, round that up to 6 
Thus, your pattern is:
5 seed stitch, 6 repeats of the 9 stitch pattern, 5 seed stitch
5 + 6*9 +5  = cast on 66 stitches.