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The holidays are coming!

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The holidays are coming!

We're just as surprised as you are!  It's been so hot that no has been paying attention.  Yes, it is eight weeks until Christmas, and a mere six weeks to Hanukah.  

We've rounded up some easy and fast projects to help you with the last minute scramble.  Each of these can be knit in a weekend.  We have the supplies in house, or you can order on-line.  Projects will be posted on Mondays.

The first project in our series is the French Toasty, knit in a marvelously squishy chunky from Knitted Wit.  There is a pattern for the hat, and a different one for the cowl. Both patterns are free until Sunday, October 29. 

Stop by the store to see the color selections, and our selection of matching pom poms!  Kits will be available for order on-line.